Share Capital

Last Updated: 31 July 2023


Oil & Gas Exploration & Production





FTSE Sector

Oil & Gas

Issued Ordinary Shares of 10p each


In accordance with AIM Rule 26, the following investors are identified as having a significant interest in the company:

Askar Alshinbayev

Total number of Ordinary Shares: 48,104,784

Total %: 21.86%

Denis O’Brien

Total number of Ordinary Shares: 15,750,000

Total %: 7.16%

Kite Lake Capital Management (UK) LLP

Total number of Ordinary Shares: 13,500,000

Total %: 6.13%

Athos Capital

Total number of Ordinary Shares: 6,887,073

Total %: 3.13%

Directors Shareholding

Anastasia Deulina – 1,048,072 Ordinary Shares (0.48%)

Ian Cloke – 2,128,009 Ordinary Shares (0.97%)

Gavin Wilson – 2,981,666 Ordinary Shares (1.35%)

Paul McDade – 3,088,192 Ordinary Shares (1.40%)

The company’s shares are traded exclusively on AIM.

  • There are no restrictions on the transfer of any of the company’s AIM securities.
  • A total of 26.06% of the issued share capital is not in public hands as defined for Rule 26 purposes being directors and those shareholders holding more than 10% of the issued share capital.